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CBDChem™ and Cansacure™ are Durban Poison ZA™ Group Brands.

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Durban Poison ZA™ (Official) 'The King of Sativa' (Not for Profit) 
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Our Durban Poison ZA™ (Official)

Cultivated exclusively, strictly acclimated to our uniquely 40% / 60% outdoor thus to ensure the climate without any sudden changes. 

We produce the finest Estate cultivated Durban Poison ZA found on our Durban Poison Estate™ Our Sativa strain is very different from the tall, spindly, extra-sensitive Sativas found closer to the equator. #DurbanPoisonZA

Durban Poison ZA™ (Official) has heavier-branching, less robust due to the extra care and controlled summer unlike the 100% outdoor strain that can withstand unusual or strange summers, still producing good quality and yield yet cannot be compared to our distinct lemon-aniseed flavour. Magical harvests of ultra bright color; our buds sticky like lime syrup. 

In her land of origin, this strain is known as Dagga'X' to those who have been on the Space'X' ship known as the (Official) Durban Poison ZA™ (Export Quality) #DaggaX
We have engineered over 35 years a number of similar strains all unique, still our Durban Poison ZA™…
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