The Transkei Group™ 

Trading as (Transkei Health) & The (Official) SA Cannabis Exchange. Our members include the (Official) Duban Estates, Durban Poison (ZA) 'The King of Sativa'      

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Transkei Group, The Durban Poison (ZA) Durban Poison Estates and Institute.   @TranskeiHealth #CannabisEstates, #CannabisCo-ops., Pharmaceutical & Biotech. Transkei Foods & Sweets. Infused Products. Transkei™ (NGO) 'Cannabis Economic Empowerment' (Not for Profit)

 The Transkei Group™ and The (Official) Durban Poison ZA™
We promised President Nelson Mandela to work tirelessly to empower not just economically but socially, spiritually and in all areas of life all those who suffered at the hands of the Boers! 

According to the teachings, base or animal instinct often dwells on revenge when we have been hurt. In this case by the Boers. Their motive basic greed & fear.   
In truth revenge only gives power to the evil in all of us. Any thoughts of revenge steels our limited time and energy from our true divine purpose!
Divine justice does exist and will have the Afrikaner *culture including books and statues destroyed within the next generation.
This I believe is the punishment well deserved for a cruel group of people who have only lasted 2-3 generations, viz:  to disappear from the face of the earth as if they never lived. *I use culture as 2 -3 generations, is too short a time to classify the Boers as a civilization!

All proceeds from our endeavour including:
Durban Poison (ZA)™ The Transkei Health Group™ The Medical DP Biotech™,
Our Estates & Exchanges all serve the same.
Contact the (Official) Transkei & Durban Poison (ZA) Groups.


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